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Labrador Training

labrador trainingLabrador Training Made Easy

A successful Labrador training comes when you understand the breed, it’s behavior and characteristics.Labradors are a vigorous, carefree, attentive and playful. Labradors are extremely lovable and work hard to please their owner. Labradors have a strong build, a lot of energy, and very high intelligence which makes training them easy. Labradors are happy at outdoors and love to swim. Labradors can be a wonderful asset for an animal loving family as they are good with children and visitors.

Labrador training is not a very difficult task.The only thing required is that you take your Labrador to a proper obedience school, and also at the same time put some efforts by yourself at home to make the dog understand you and obey you.

Before you start Labrador training, the first thing you must keep in mind is that you will have to praise him a lot for every good thing it learns. Also, don’t forget to take breaks while training and make it fun. You will have to start Labrador training from the very first day you bring it at home. Following are some basic things that a pet dog needs to learn :-

Steps of a Labrador Training Guide

1) Housebreaking- This is the first and the most important part of Labrador training. It means making your dog understand that its washroom is outside the house and it is not supposed to pee inside the house. For the first 8-9 weeks you will have to specially take care for this. Whenever you suspect that your dog needs to pee, immediately take it out. When it is a puppy take it out every hour, every 5 minutes after feeding, after playtime and/or exercise, right before bed, immediately in the morning.

2) Leash training- This will keep you and your dog safe while you are on a walk outside. Give your dog ample time to get used to the collar and then go for a leash.

3) Obedience classes – Although Labrador training should be a thing to do at home but it is never a bad idea to enroll your Labrador in a class. Taking your dog for training by a professional trainer is a good idea for the dog and for the owner too. As soon as the Labrador meets the age requirement it should be enrolled for the Labrador training classes. It will help your dog take directions from you. Also, it gives it a chance to get out and socialize.

4) Crate training- When you use a crate as a dog den, your dog will naturally keep it clean and dry. It will not only make it learn clean habits but will also provide a safe and comforting place to rest.

5) Consistency in training – Labrador training needs consistency, which means using one word commands and the same hand signals while training. Your dog will learn faster if you use the same commands and signals.

6) Discipline- There will be situations when your Labrador will frustrate you and will try your patience by not obeying you. Here, you will need to enforce discipline. But remember, you should not shout at your dog or start hitting it. Just look straight into its eyes and say “NO” in a firm tone, whenever it does something you don’t like.

In the end it can be said that, Labrador training is not a big deal if you know what you are doing. It is an excellent and very intelligent breed you just need to love the dog and teach him like your own child.


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